Caring Bolton - The Community Response to Covid-19

Caring Bolton: The Community Response to Covid-19

Saturday 7 August 2021 to Sunday 2 January 2022 in the Up Front gallery

This exhibition commemorates the different ways that local communities cared for one another during the coronavirus pandemic.

In early 2021 the Museum commissioned Westhoughton photographer Marge Bradshaw to take a series of photographic portraits of individuals who played an important role in Bolton’s community response to Covid-19.

Photo of Rebecca Hawthornthwaite

Rebecca Hawthornthwaite, Staff Nurse, NHS. © Marge Bradshaw Photography

Bradshaw’s portraits are being shown for the first time in the exhibition. 

The exhibition also offers the opportunity to remember all those who have passed away, have suffered and are still suffering from coronavirus.

Nik Gandhi, Sheetal Gandhi and Neya Gandhi

Nik Gandhi, Deputy Headteacher at Eagley Junior School, Sheetal Gandhi, Pharmacist and Neya. © Marge Bradshaw Photography

A new, meditative film, mixing images of the natural world with messages from the Mayor of Bolton and faith leaders, invites visitors to reflect on the losses of the past 18 months whilst also looking forward in hope.

Photograph of Chris Fallows

Chris Fallows, Greengrocer, The Glass Onion, Westhoughton. © Marge Bradshaw Photography

Finally, a memory wall section of the exhibition gives visitors the chance to add their own comments and reflections on this most challenging of periods. 

Photograph of Domina Achioyamen

Domina Achioyamen, CEO Precious Gems, Bolton. © Marge Bradshaw Photography

Interviews with photography commission participants     

You can read statements provided by the participants in the Caring Bolton portrait commission by clicking on this link.