Hope at home

At home with Bolton Library and Museum Service

Hope at home

The Hope Streets Project

Introducing our innovative project that gives young people the opportunity to get involved with heritage in their area. 

Is nature providing with you a sense of hope during lockdown?

Hope poem sat 11 aprilOur @festivalofhopebolton young producer's team reflected last week on their experiences of lockdown, which for many involve new routines and a chance to reflect on what brings them hope. They commented that nature can bring us a sense of calm, as it continues to bloom, move and be completely unaware of the chaos happening around us.

Here is a poem from Miranda, a talented writer and performer in the young producers team, she tells of the joy and hope her family gain from a new friend in the garden.

Make Do and Mend

Curious Minds Festival of Hope Young Producer’s team have been looking back at history to ways in which people have reused and upcycled items. In times of economic and supply problems, people have had to ‘Make do and Mend’, while also saving money and reducing waste.

Flour bag1930’s flour bag, bought to store flour from the manufacturer, these bags were washed and turned into pretty clothes for the family by clever home sewers.







PatchworkWhen clothes get worn and past the point of wearing, turning scraps into patchwork was a great way of making something useful, attractive and long lasting (this quilt is over 150 years old!)