Exploring LGBTQ Histories in Bolton with Bolton Museum

A series of five monologues created to coincide with and be premiered at Bolton Museum's 2019 exhibition 'Desire, Love, Identity: Exploring LGBTQ Histories in Bolton'.

Bolton Library and Museum Services is celebrating Bolton Pride’s online Festival which takes place this weekend by screening the Museum Monologues online, bringing the stories of five of Bolton's LGBTQ pioneers to life.

Desire love identity exhibit

The monologues were produced by local writers and performers, Stephen M Hornby and Inkbrew Productions. The project was organised to coincide with the ‘Desire, love, identity: exploring LGBTQ histories in Bolton’ exhibition in 2019. 

The actors portray: 

  • J W Wallace who corresponded with America poet Walt Whitman in "A Pebble From Blackpool Beach".
  • A young member of the LGBT Youth Group Liaison Initiative in "A Right Royal Day... If You're Gay".
  • Bolton author Matt Cain in "The Madonna Of Bolton".
  • Renowned photographer of the Worktown Project Humphrey Spender in "Our Kind".
  • Victorian era male impersonator Vesta Tilley in "Jolly Good Luck To The Friends Of Vesta Tilley".

 Take a look at the monologues on Youtube: 

Check out Bolton Pride on Facebook and Twitter for more info about online events taking place this weekend.


Published: 18th September 2020