Sharing Art 2021

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Sharing Art is a FREE day-long celebration of local art and creativity curated by Bolton Museum’s Young Producers.

Sharing Art 2021

Saturday 29th May


Sharing Art is a day-long celebration of local art and creativity curated by Bolton Museum’s Young Producers. They have commissioned a series of inspiring creative workshops which can be enjoyed at home. The online workshops are free to watch and will be available for the next four weeks.

The event has been funded by Curious Minds as part of its Hope Streets Programme.

Discover Risograph printing

Bolton Contemporary invite participants to make a Risograph print. Risography is a magical process where art made at home with basic materials can be turned into vivid colourful prints.

Risograph printing


Participants will work with simple, freely available items like two sheets of A4 paper and pens, crayons and collage. The final print will be a bold piece of text combined with complementary visually interesting graphics.



Your artwork can be photographed or scanned and emailed to the artists at They will print the work off ready for collection from the Museum.

Create an applique cushion cover from recycled material

Learn some simple textile techniques to turn an old shirt into a unique cushion cover. The workshop is led by artist Nerissa Cargill Thompson who creates contemporary textiles and mixed media sculptures using recycled materials, particularly old clothes.

Recycled shirt applique cushion cover



Materials you will need: old button up shirt, measuring tape or ruler, scissors, pins, scrap paper or newspaper, pencil/pen, needle, thread, lids or small bowls (circles to draw around).

Optional: old t-shirt, fabric scraps, wool, embroidery thread.

Suitable for people aged 10 + (younger if used to sewing or doing as a family activity). 

Explore freestyle abstract drawing

Absract PaintingArtist Julia Preston will show you how to create your own unique freestyle drawings using any pen and surface you choose.

Have fun creating your own piece of abstract art, taking inspiration from everyday items – nature, fabric patterns or anything you like.

Great for those who might be new to drawing.  Simply grab a pen and paper to get started.

Make sculptural objects from discarded materials

Louise Wood invites you to create your own papier-mâché form inspired by the geometric, carved sculptural bowls of Halima Cassell. Explore the tactile qualities of recycled paper, moulding it over your individual cardboard forms to create decorative, sculptural bowls.

Maltese Cross, 2004. Hand carved unglazed clay.  Halima Cassell

Maltese Cross, 2004. Hand carved unglazed clay. © Halima Cassell

For this workshop, you will need: plastic bowl (20 cm or more in diameter); cling film; shredded paper soaked for a minimum of 24 hours, with a little washing up liquid; old bowl/container for mixing glue and paper; cardboard; scissors; string (optional); and PVA glue (2.5 litres). 

Published: 27th May 2021