Catch the Night Owls at Half Term

Night Owl Eggs 1

Look out for the Night Owl this Summer!

The Night Owl's Lullaby

Over a series of early summer evenings, we invite you to watch out for the Night Owl - this beautiful gleaming creature has laid its eggs in locations around Bolton - new Night Owls ready to learn.  Its chicks are about to hatch and they need to be nurtured with lullabies - calmed and cared for through the moon-lit night. 

Night Owl Image

What songs do you sing to your children?

Share your lullabies here!

Night Owl Eggs 3

Or you can drop off your ideas at special owl eggs located Westhoughton, Horwich, Farnworth and Little Lever libraries.

The Night Owl will start its journey at Bolton Museum before flying onto locations around Bolton.

Information on where it will be landing will coming soon!


Published: 5th May 2021