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Because of its links with the cotton trade, Bolton's Museums have always had strong Egyptology collections.  The current collection houses many objects spanning thousands of years of Egyptian culture, ranging from jewellery and everyday items right up to mummies and granite columns from ancient temples.

Collection highlights

Temple column fragments of Rameses II

With a group of other columns, these fragments formed a portico for the front of a temple to the god Herishef.

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Roman gilded mummy mask

This mask would have covered the head of the mummy of a Roman Egyptian woman. 

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Ramesside Male Mummy and Coffin

This coffin belonged to a chantress of Amun named Tayuhenet. 

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Coffin and Cartonnage Set

This mummy case and coffin belonged to the lady of the house, Takenmes. 

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False door stela of Sennedjsui, son of Mereri

Egyptians placed false doors in tomb chapels.  They were doors to the afterlife where people could leave offerings for the deceased. 

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Mirror handle

This ivory handle, probably for a mirror, is carved in the form of a beautiful woman. 

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Figure of Isis and Horus

This figure represents the goddess Isis nursing her son the god Horus

Reconstructed Bag Tunic

This ancient strip of fine linen is mounted on a modern replica bag tunic. 

Fragment of Royal Linen

This piece of linen was part of the bandages wrapping the mummy of Thutmose III

Tapestry Band

Coptic weaving became famous throughout the Mediterranean region for the quality of the weave and the intricate patterns.