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Book Groups

Book Groups

Reading can be a solitary pursuit, but joining a reading group or book group can make it a social activity: you can share your thoughts about a book, meet new people, and discover books you might not have picked up otherwise.

We've got a few different book groups in our libraries, including one devoted to graphic novels.  

And if you're setting up your own group, you might want to see us: we've got plenty of books you can borrow!  Just register your group by popping into any of our libraries and you can borrow books to read straight away.

There are some resources here to help you with setting up a book group.

Interested in sharing stories in a less formal setting? Why not try a Reading Friends group?

The following Book Groups are available in Bolton Libraries;

Blackrod Library Book Groups

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Bromley Cross Library Book Group

View Bromley Cross Library book group

Central Library Book Group

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Graphic Novel Reading Group

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Harwood Library Book Groups

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High Street Library Book Group

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Horwich Library Book Group

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Westhoughton Library Book Group

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Breightmet Library Book Group

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