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Knitted wool sock fragment

Knitted wool sock fragment

Knitted wool, probably part of a sock, in bands of purples, reds, blues and yellow. Rows increased at random points in knitting to fan out from tightly rolled cast-on edge. Tiny fgts. of flax thread in edge suggest it was stitched down at some time. Red sewing wool darns two worn areas. Colour joins indicate some wools were added in return row of 2 needle technique. 2 added rows of Soumak type embroidery, red. 3 stitches x 5 rows percm. (approx).

ID 19142623
Object Knitted wool sock fragment
Provenance Antinoe, Egypt
Period Coptic; c. 7 AD. onwards
Material Wool
Reference number 1914.26.23
Copyright Info Bolton Council

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