Bolton Library and Museum Services

Books and Reading

Funnily enough, we've got lots of books!  They look lovely on our shelves, but we're much happier if they're being read by someone, so go down to your local library and check some books out.

Too... much... choice...

We have the same problem: with so many books, how do you decide what you're going to read next?  Don't worry: we know a couple of websites you can use to help pick your next book, see the links tab above. Every library also has a copy of a useful reference book called Who Else Writes Like...?

If you're really stuck, or if you just want a bit of a natter about books and reading, talk to a member of staff in your local library.

Book groups

Reading can be a solitary pursuit, but joining a reading group or book group can make it a social activity: you can share your thoughts about a book, meet new people, and discover books you might not have picked up otherwise. We've got a few different book groups in our libraries, including one devoted to graphic novels. 

And if you're setting up your own group, you might want to see us: we've got plenty of books you can borrow!  Just register your group by popping into any of our libraries and you can borrow books to read straight away.

Useful Websites

Here are some web resources that might be useful for book groups:

Time to Read

Time To Read is a partnership of librarians engaged in reader development activity in public library authorities in the North West Region. This website has a wealth of information about setting up a book group.

Reading Groups for Everyone

Search for reading groups with this resource. Reading Groups for Everyone is run by The Reading Agency the independent charity with a mission to get more people reading more, in partnership with the Society of Chief Librarians.

The Penguin Readers’ Guide to Starting a Book Group

There are lots of handy hints and suggestions for setting up your own book group or joining an existing one. There are also links to online resources for readers.

Find a Local Bookshop

This site, maintained by the Booksellers' Association is useful if you are looking for a bookshop in the UK or Ireland.  You can search by bookshop name, town, county, postcode.