Bolton Library and Museum Services

Fees and charges

NEW Fees and Charges with effect from Monday 15 April 2013

Copying within the Bolton History Centre

  • Photocopies (each): A4: £0.20 A3: £0.30
  • Microfilm/microfiche print copies (each): A4: £0.80 A3: £1.60
  • Black/White computer prints (each): A4: £0.10
  • Colour computer prints (each): A4: £0.35

Researchers wishing to use their own camera to take photo images

Note: We do not offer a photograph-taking service

  • Per click: £1.00
  • Half day: £6.00
  • Full day: £12.00


Up to 20 minutes of research conducted free of charge.

Additional research charged at £17.50 per additional half hour, £35 per additional hour.

£5.00 handling charge payable for all requests requiring photocopies or printouts to be returned by post. This includes 2 free A4 printouts and small letter UK mainland postage costs but normal charges apply for additional items and higher postal costs.

Enquiries taking longer than 20 minutes will be charged at the rates above.

Users wishing to purchase complete copies of materials may be asked to pay for the costs of microfilming the item.

This will cover the cost of making the masters and a usable copy for the Bolton History Centre as well as the cost of the film for the customer’s use. This facility will be subject to copyright and ownership agreements.