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School Admission Registers

The amount of information given in school admission registers varies from one school to another; however, they usually include the names and addresses of pupils and at least one of their parents.

Dates of birth or ages of pupils admitted are normally included. To obtain access to records marked with an asterix (*) ask at the Information Desk in the Search Room.

The bulleted links below take you to expanded lists organised by district.

Astley Bridge

Astley Bridge Methodist

1908-1954 Microfilm D9:38

St Paul's Church of England

1919-1932 Microfilm D9:38
1932-1960 Original SLB/3*

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Church of England

1915-1947 Microfilm D9:38
1947-1980 Original SLA/1*


1914-1961 Microfilm D9:38
1965-1980 Original SLA/2*

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All Schools in Bolton County Borough

1941-1974 Original ABS/6*

Albert Place & Clarence Street

1887-1897 Microfilm D9:38

Blackburn Road Congregational Sunday School

1926-1930 Original NC/12*

Bolton (Grammar) School

1808-1855 Microfilm D9:38

Claremont Baptist Sunday School

1865-1910 Microfilm D8:7

Emmanuel Church of England

1844-1938 (Boys) Microfilm D9:38
1874-1938 (Girls) Microfilm D9:39
1889-1943 (Infants) Microfilm D9:39
1938-1954 Original SLB/23*

Folds Road

1922-1938 (Boys) Microfilm D9:39
1938-1946 (Mixed) Microfilm D9:39
1946-1965 Original SLB/25*

Folds Road Independent Methodist Sunday School

1871-1879 Original NMXB*

Higher Bridge Street Wesleyan Methodist Sunday School

1850-1861 Microfilm D8:16

Holy Trinity Church of England

1930-1972 Original SLB/35*

Oldhams County Primary School

1954-2004 Original SLB/88*

St George's Road Congregational Sunday School

1865-1890 Original NC/10*

St George's Church of England

1945-1966 Original SLB/55*

St John's Church of England

1895-1911 Microfilm D9:40

St Mark's Church of England

1930-1972 Original SLB/60*

St Mary's Roman Catholic

1954-1984 Original SLB/61*

St Matthew's Church of England

1875-1931 (Girls) Microfilm D9:41
1881-1931 (Boys) Microfilm D9:40-41
1895-1896 (Evening) Microfilm D9:41
1931-1979 Original SLB/62*

Victoria Methodist, Grecian Crescent

1920-1953 (Infants) Original SLB/80*
1894-1912 (Upper) Microfilm D9:41
1916-1947 (Mixed) Microfilm D9:41
1947-1961 Original SLB/80*

Wolfenden Street Council School

1934-1965 (Infants) Original SLB/83*
1965-1996 (Junior & Mixed) Original SLB/83*

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The Moss, Falkirk Drive

1971-2002 Original SLB/87*

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Market Street Congregational

1830-1838 Microfilm D8:10
1880-1912 Original NC/4*
Wesley Methodist Sunday School
1850-1880 Original NMWF/2*

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Oxford Grove

1907-1936 Microfilm D9:40
1936-1960 Original SLB/46*

St Luke's Church of England

1888-1907 Microfilm D9:40

Shepherd Cross Street

1906-1922 Microfilm D9:41

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Harwood Methodist

1904-1925 Microfilm D9:41
1925-1985 Original SLT/2*

Tottington Road Methodist Sunday School

1895-1916 Original NMPB/5*

Haulgh see Tonge-With-Haulgh

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Little Lever

Little Lever Congregational

1871-1979 Original SLL/2*

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St John's Church of England

1878-1890 Microfilm D9:40
St Thomas's Church of England
1892-1921 Microfilm D9:40
1921-1964 Original SLB/41*

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1907-1940 (Mixed) Microfilm D9:39
1911-1931 (Infants) Microfilm D9:39
1940-1982 Original SLB/34*

Tonge Fold

1921-1976 Original SLB/77*

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Birtenshaw Wesleyan Methodist Sunday School

c1860-1900 Original NMWB/3*

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