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Electoral registers

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Poll Books

These are lists of persons who actually voted in Parliamentary Elections; we have several for Bolton Parliamentary Borough which help to fill in the gap in the electoral registers before 1868.

  • 1832, 1835, 1837, 1847, 1852, 1865 Microfilm D9:32

Note: Other Poll Books appear in the Bolton Chronicle Newspaper in 1841, 1849 and 1857.


Burgess Rolls

These records list persons eligible to vote in local elections of members of Bolton Borough Council.

They do not include areas outside the boundaries of Bolton Borough as incorporated in 1838 and as extended in 1872, 1877 and 1898.

From 1838 through 1841, the Burgess Rolls are arranged in alphabetical order by surname of voter; however, the alphabetical order does not descend past the initial letter of the surname, but only groups together all the ‘A’s, ‘B’s and so on.
From 1842 to 1879, there are separate alphabetical lists for each Ward of the Borough. From 1880 to 1914, the Burgess Rolls are arranged alphabetically by street name within each Ward and not by surname of voter.

Burgess rolls from 1838 to 1900 are on microfilm; for years from 1901 to 1914 ask at the Enquiry Desk.

  • Astley Bridge 1898-1914
  • Halliwell 1877-1914
  • Over Hulton 1898-1914
  • Breightmet 1898-1914
  • Haulgh 1838-1914
  • Rumworth 1872-1914
  • Darcy Lever 1898-1914
  • Heaton 1898-1914
  • Smithills 1898-1914
  • Deane 1898-1914
  • Little Bolton 1838-1914
  • Tonge 1898-1914
  • Great Bolton 1838-1914
  • Lostock 1898-1914
  • Great Lever 1898-1914
  • Middle Hulton 1898-1914

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Electoral Registers

These are registers of persons entitled to vote in elections of Members of Parliament for the Bolton Borough constituencies.

The Parliamentary Borough of Bolton, returning two M.P.s, was established under the Reform Act of 1832. Its original boundaries were the same as those adopted in 1838 for the Municipal Borough.

In 1868, however, the Parliamentary Borough (but not the Municipal Borough) was extended to include Astley Bridge and Halliwell. Rumworth was also added in 1885. The Parliamentary Borough was not extended in 1898 and many of the outlying suburbs of Bolton are not therefore included in the Parliamentary Electoral registers before 1926. By this date, the boundaries of the Parliamentary and Municipal Boroughs had been brought into line.

Some electoral registers for those districts which were not in Bolton Parliamentary Borough (Blackrod, Farnworth, Horwich, Kearsley, Little Lever, Turton, Westhoughton) have been preserved at the Lancashire Record Office, Preston.

We do not have any electoral registers before 1868, from 1916 to 1918 and from 1940 to 1944. For access to all Electoral Registers ask at the Information Desk in the Search Room.

  • Astley Bridge 1868 to date
  • Halliwell 1868 to date
  • Middle Hulton 1919 to date
  • Blackrod 1974 to date
  • Haulgh 1868 to date
  • Over Hulton*1919 to date
  • Breightmet 1919 to date
  • Heaton 1919 to date
  • Rumworth 1885 to date
  • Darcy Lever 1919 to date
  • Horwich 1968 to date
  • Smithills 1919 to date
  • Deane 1919 to date
  • Kearsley 1968 to date
  • Tonge 1919 to date
  • Farnworth 1960 to date
  • Little Bolton 1868 to date
  • Turton 1966 to date
  • Great Bolton 1868 to date
  • Little Lever 1967 to date
  • Westhoughton 1967 to date
  • Great Lever 1919 to date
  • Lostock 1919 to date

*part only before 1967

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