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Business records

Below is a list of Bolton related business records.

Many of the archives listed on the page titled Family & estate papers also contain business records, for example: Ainsworth Family: bleaching and finishing; Bradford Estates: coal mining; Crompton Family: cotton manufacture; Heywood Family: cotton manufacture.

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Bradshaw, Gass and Hope of Bolton, Architects (ZBGH)

Correspondence, specifications, tenders and related papers 1890-1960

Hermon, Crook and Williams of Bolton, Architects (ZHC & ZHCA)

(Incorporating also archives of Jonathan Simpson and James Lomax Simpson of Bolton and Liverpool): Plans, drawings, elevations of property in Bolton, Horwich, Rivington, Port Sunlight, Thornton Hough, including commissions undertaken for William Hesketh Lever, Viscount Leverhulme, such as Rivington Bungalow and Roynton Cottage 1875-1956

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Baby Carriage Manufacturers


Ellison, J. Parker & Company of Bolton (ZPE)

Trade catalogues, brochures, price lists, samples, photographs of “Pelso” products, including Karri-Kots 1920-1980

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Bleaching, Dyeing and Finishing

Ainsworth, Richard and Sons of Halliwell


Ainsworth Mercerising Company Ltd (ZAJ)

Correspondence, catalogues of machinery, business accounts, wages books, plans, drawings, cuttings, photographs 1880-1974

Bridson, Thomas Ridgway & Sons, Lever Bank Bleachworks, Little Lever (later Smith, J. Junior & Company) (ZLB)

Business accounts, wages books, financial records 1836-1965

Champion, J. B. & Company, Farnworth Bleachworks (ZCH)

Business accounts, correspondence, drawings, blueprints 1899-1936

Hardcastle, Thomas & Company, Firwood Bleachworks (ZZ/109, 208)

Business accounts, partnership agreement 1864-1883

Slater & Company, Dunscar Bleachworks (ZWL, ZZ/200)

Business accounts, licenses, patents, plan of works 1815-1906

Slater & Company, Watermead Bleachworks, Little Bolton (ZSL)

Minutes, business accounts, wages books, inventories, valuations, correspondence 1860-1971

Twisse, J. & Company, Moss Dyeworks, Breightmet (ZTW)

Business accounts, financial records, wages book 1898-1973

Miscellaneous Collection Relating to Bleaching Industry (ZZ/250)

Agreements, circulars, parliamentary reports 1845-1925

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Brewing and Mineral Water Manufacturers

Cowburn & Scotts (Beverages) Ltd, Bolton,Mineral Water Manufacturers (ZCS)

Minutes, business accounts, memoranda, articles of association 1930-1964

Magee Marshall and Company Ltd, Crown Brewery, Bolton (ZMA)

Minutes, title deeds, property schedules (including Wigan Brewery); business accounts, correspondence, inventories, valuations, stock and trade accounts of public houses in Ashton-in-Makerfield, Atherton, Blackpool, Bolton, Cleveleys, Farnworth, Hindley, Horwich, Ince-in-Makerfield, Kearsley, Kirkham, Knott End-on-Sea, Leigh, Leyland, Lytham St Annes, Southport, Standish, Walkden and Wigan; trade accounts of the Palace Cinema, Wigan; inventories and valuations of Lytham Hall, Salwick Hall, The Bungalow, Rivington 1784-1964

Shiffnall Street Brewery, Bolton (ZZ/652)

Title deeds 1792-1879

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Carriers and Carters

Higson, Messrs of Horwich (ZZ/439)

Wage books and business accounts 1911-1943

Johnson, Peter of Great Lever (SLB/27)

Letter book and business accounts 1785-1859

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Chemical Plumbers

Bolton Chemical Plumbing Company Ltd (ZZ324)

Certificate and order book 1948-1951

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Chemists (Manufacturing)

Wilson, Edward & Company, Prestolee Alkali Works, Little Lever (ZPA)

Correspondence, inventories, financial statements, legal papers 1875-1884

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Chemists (Pharmaceutical)

Hart, James and Sons of Bolton (ZHR)

(Incorporating records of Blain, William & Sons) Business accounts, prescription books, advertisements 1897-1982

Mellings’ Chemists, Chorley New Road, Horwich (ZZ/332)

Poison register and pharmaceutical text books 1914-1967

Robinson, W. J. of Bolton (ZZ/357)

Articles relating to history of pharmacy 1779-1950

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Coal Merchants

Entwistle, E. and Sons, Bolton (ZZ/602)

Title deeds 1864-1980

Vickers and Crompton of Deane (ZZ/574)

Arbitration agreement 1865

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Coal Mining

Alkrington Colliery (ZFL)

Leases, memoranda, accounts, calculations    1779-1831

Ladyshore Coal and Terra Cotta Company, Little Lever (ZLA)

(Incorporating records of Fletcher & Company) Accident registers and returns; business accounts, maps and plans of Ladyshore, Breightmet, Burnden and Outwood Collieries; correspondence; rentals of Darcy Lever, Great Bolton, Little Lever and Haulgh; rental of coal mines of Duke of Buccleuch and Queensbury in the Honour of Clitheroe; Miners’ Sick Club records; stock books, valuations, get books (including Park Hall Colliery, Blackrod; wages books and production records; accounts for terra cotta for St Stephen and All Martyrs’ Church, Lever Bridge 1796-1948

Top o’th’Meadows Colliery, Darcy Lever (ZSH)

Plans, agreement, valuation 1863-1875

Westhoughton Colliery (ZZ/322)

Plans 1900

Wingates Colliery, Westhoughton (ZSH)

Plans, reports, calculations 1843-1889

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Corn Milling

Darcy Lever Water Mill (ZZ/571)

Agreement 1724

Whitehurst, Henry  & Company Ltd, Bolton

Business accounts 1920-1980

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Cotton Spinners and Manufacturers

Ashworth, Messrs, New Eagley Mills (ABZ, ZWL, ZZ/208, 252, 413)

Correspondence, registers of employees, title deeds, valuations, typescript history of the Mills 1807-1970

Barlow & Jones (Osman Textiles Ltd), Bolton (ZZ/561)

Memorandum and articles of association, legal papers, register of employees, price lists, correspondence 1874-1966

Barlow & Jones Ltd, Prospect Mills, Bolton (ZZ/668)

Memoranda and articles of association, order books, brochure, attendance books 1941-1968

Butler & Murton, Alexandra Mills, Little Bolton (ZZ/209)

Correspondence, building accounts, plan, valuation 1862-1911

Crompton, Samuel

See Page 53 above

Crook, Joshua and Sons, Bolton (ZZ/363)

Business accounts, child employment records 1874-1917

Crosses & Winkworth, Consolidated Mills, Bolton (ZZ/50, 197, 220)

Agreements, correspondence, plans, trust deed, wages books 1869-1970

Darcy Lever Fulling Mill (ZZ/380)

Title deed 1711

Edgworth Spinning Company Ltd (ZZ/458,469)

Certificates, miscellanea 1876-1938

Eskrick, Henry of Bolton (ZZ/252/7)

Cotton purchase and sale correspondence 1741

Gardner & Bazley, Dean Mills, Barrow Bridge (ZHB)

Agreements, correspondence, Sick & Burial Society rules, visitors’ Book, ‘Black Book’ 1832-1891

Gladstone Street Mill Company, Halliwell (ZHD)

Accident, employment, first aid and personnel records 1914-1956

Gray, William & Sons, Darcy Lever (ZGR)

Business accounts, financial records, schedule of title deeds of Damside Estate, wages book, rules for operatives (including Taylor’s Mill, Halliwell) 1750-1829

Harwood, Richard & Sons, Brownlow Fold Mills, Halliwell (ZHD)

Business accounts, cotton import records, export records (including  Argentina, Brazil, Germany), production, manufacturing, quality control, wages and personnel records, material relating to recreational facilities, patents 1873-1979

Heaton, William & Sons, Bolton (ZZ/246, 316)

Photographic souvenirs, register of male employees at Lostock Mill 1880-1916

Hesketh T. M. & Sons, Astley Bridge (ZZ/246)

Plans of mills 1882-1900

Knowles, Messrs, Peel Mills, Little Bolton (ZZ/258)

Plans of mills 1922-1950

Malir Cotton Mills, Pakistan (ZZ/76)

Plans and blueprints 1920

Rumworth Spinning Company (ZZ/2)

Register of children employed 1884-1901

Taylor & Hartley Textiles Ltd, Westhoughton (ZZ/289)

Annual reports and balance sheets 1962-1967

Taylor, Thomas & Sons, Grecian Mills, Bolton (ZTA)

Business accounts, financial records, patents, schedule of title deeds, valuation 1747-1910

Tootal, Broadhurst Lee & Company, Sunnyside Mills, Bolton (ZTBL, ZZ/178, 230, 233)

Correspondence, contracts, agreements, mill inventories, valuations, financial records, Continuation School register, (pattern books available in Bolton Museum Social History collection) 1863-1965

United Thread Mills Ltd, Eagley Mills, Bolton (ZZ/658)

Conditions of employment & amenities handbook; view of Eagley Mills 1950

Walker, Robert Ltd, St Helena Mill, Bolton (ZWA)

Minutes, business accounts, financial records, children’s employment records, building specifications, blueprints 1889-1975

Wolfenden & Son of Bolton (ZZ/643)

Business records of Asia Mill (Great Lever), Columbia Mill (Bolton) and Marsh Fold Mill (Halliwell) 1873-1964

Miscellaneous Collections Relating to the Cotton Industry (ZZ/19, 208, 220)

Agreements, title deeds, plans, price lists relating to cotton mills in Bolton, Halliwell, Horwich and Lostock 1802-1874

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Drapers and Haberdashers

Constantine Brothers of Bolton (ZZ/617)

Title deeds of shop premises    1738-1925

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Engineering Industry

Automotive Products Ltd (Filter Division), Bolton (ZZ/620)

Photographs, cuttings, reports 1979

Bolton & Hayes Ltd, Reinforced Concrete Engineers, Bolton (ZZ/618)

Advertisement    1940

Bolton Gate Company (ZZ/563)

Letter and specification 1930

Bolton Iron and Steel Company (ZZ/422)

Memorandum and articles of association 1876

Booth, John & Sons, Constructional Engineers, Bolton (ZZ/473)

Correspondence, blueprints 1943-1946

Chadwick, James Ltd, School Hill Ironworks, Little Bolton (ZZ/124)

Title deeds, wages books, plan 1866-1923

Chatwood Safe Company Ltd, Bolton (ZZ/607)

Trade brochure 1910

Dobson & Barlow, Engineers & Machine Makers, Bolton (ZDB, ZZ/36, 477)

Correspondence and papers relating to wages, strikes, industrial disputes, working conditions and prices; sale catalogue of Blackhorse Street Works; plan of Kay Street Works; title deeds of Great Bolton, Little Bolton and Tonge-with-Haulgh; trade catalogue, scrap book; accounts of Waterloo Mill, Chorley 1706-1944

Greenhalgh’s Foundry, Atherton (ZZ/253)

Drawings 1889-1890

Hick Hargreaves & Company Ltd, Soho Works, Bolton (ZHH)

Business accounts, engineering drawings, engine catalogues & lists; steam engine manufacture and millwrights’ records; engine photographs and negatives, wages books, electricity power station files (England, Wales and Hong Kong, India) 1831-1980

Jackson & Brother, Wharf Foundry, Little Bolton (ZJE, ZZ/596)

Stock book, inventory of plant and machinery; photographs, blueprints pamphlet 1842-1942

Kay & Company, Brassfounders, Bolton (ZZ/583)

Order book, apprenticeship indenture 1896-1908
Engineering Industry

Kirkham, J. & W., Lark Street Brassworks, Bolton (ZZ/550)

Business accounts, inventories, valuations agreements, balance sheets, correspondence, drawings and specifications 1864-1994

Milner Engineering Ltd, Horwich (ZZ/535)

Trade ledgers 1956-1963

Musgave, John & Sons, Globe Ironworks, Bolton (ZMU)

Engine catalogue drawings and lists, mill books, side pipe books 1850-1920

Roberts, R. E. & Sons, Lead Pipe Manufacturers, Bolton (ZZ/350)

Memorandum and articles of association, business accounts, testimonial of visit of delegation from Virginia, U.S.A. 1919-1946

Ryder Brothers, Beehive Foundry, Bolton (ZZ/438)

Wage and insurance book 1939-1941

Sharp & Hargreaves, Iron & Steel Manufacturers, Bolton (ZZ/529)

Passport, agreement, license    1842-1878

Taylor, George, All Saints Street Brassworks, Bolton (ZZ/27)

Business accounts 1893-1906

Threlfall, Richard & Company, Machine Makers, Bolton (ZZ/443)

Trade catalogue, apprenticeship indentures, wills, legal papers 1794-1896

Wadsworth, William & Sons, Lift Manufacturers, Bolton (ZZ/443)

Order & specification books, trade catalogues, photographs, video of High Street Works 1896-1985

Walmsley, Thomas & Sons, Atlas Forge, Bolton (ZZ/395)

Business accounts, financial records, valuation of works, Sick and Accident Society rules 1867-1940

Wood, John & Edward, Victoria Foundry, Bolton (ZWO)

Engine catalogue, engineering drawings and lists 1875-1920

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Hibbert, Walter of Westhoughton, Farmer (ZZ/217)

Business accounts 1921-1928

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Grocers and Provision Dealers

Abbott, Eliza of Horwich (ZZ/9)

Business accounts 1893-1900

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Hardware Merchants

Raw, C. B. & Company of Farnworth (ZZ/329)

Business accounts 1938-1960

Moss & Smith Ltd of Bolton, Hardware Factors (ZZ/667)

Price catalogue 1970

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Leather and Hide Industry

Bolton Hide, Skin and Fat Company Ltd (ZZ/604)

Minutes, reports, balance sheets, business accounts 1872-1984

Walker, William and Sons, Rose Hill Tannery, Bolton (ZWK, ZWKG, ZZ/321)

Minute books, business accounts, correspondence, letter books, photographs, legal papers, publications 1755-1995

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Paper Manufacturers

Cooke & Nuttall Ltd, Vale Paper Mills, Horwich (ZCN)

Minutes, shareholders’ registers, business accounts, inventories, plans, wages books 1898-1971

Farnworth Paper Mills (ZZ/397)

Agreement 1894

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Plumbers, Painters and Decorators

Openshaw, Abraham of Adlington (ZOP)

Business accounts, estimate books, wages books 1898-1977

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Printers and Publishers

Bolton Evening News Archive (ZBEN, ZZ/5, 246)

(Incorporating Archives of Tillotson & Son, Printers, Publishers and Newspaper Proprietors) Apprenticeship indentures, business accounts, correspondence, legal papers, photographs, wages books; Tillotson Fiction Bureau records; papers relating to murder of George Henderson, at Scotchman’s Stump near Horwich 1834-1968

Lee, Robert of Bolton, Printer, Stationer and Bookbinder (ZZ/660)

Insurance policy, bills, receipts 1894-1895

Spence & Company of Bolton, Printers and Bookbinders (ZSP)

Business accounts, order books, inventories, time books 1936-1985

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Property Development

Arndale Centre (Crompton Place), Bolton (ZAR)

Title deeds of site, including Acresfield, Backacres, Chancery Lane, Exchange Street, Fold Street, Hotel Street and Victoria Square 1736-1973

British Telecom (ZTE)

Title deeds relating to development of sites, including Bolton Old Telephone Exchange (Hoppering Bank, Idle Lane, Joiners Square, Waterside, Water Street); Belmont; Horwich (Julia Street, Short Street, Wright Street) 1858-1963

Sharples Park, Sharples (ZZ/587)

Plan of proposed building development 1871

Spring Gardens, Bolton (ZZ/601)

Title deeds 1793-1922

Walker Property Company Ltd (ZWKG)

Minutes, correspondence, reports 1966-1993

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Anderton, Daniel & Thomas, Cox Green, Turton & Horrocks Fold, Astley Bridge, Quarry Proprietors and Stone Merchants (ZZ/478)

Business accounts 1880-1913

Cox Green Quarry, Turton (ZZ/29)

Business accounts 1927-1939

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Broadbent Heelis & Company, Bolton (ZBH)

Title deeds of Farnworth (Boardmans Tenement), Halliwell (Battersbys Tenement, Hill Estate, Mortfield Estate, Lower Marls), Harwood (Lee Gate Estate), Little Bolton (Wrights Tenement, Waterloo Mill), Tyldesley (Meanly Meadow), Arlecdon (Cumberland), Swinford (Leicestershire) 1615-1864

Cyril Morris Arkwright of Bolton (ZAW)

Title deeds of Halliwell (Hill Mill, Peakes Place Cotton Mill, Halliwell Road Clothing Works) and Little Bolton (Chadwick’s Iron Foundry) 1791-1952

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Surveyors and Estate Agents

See Archives Of Surveyors And Estate Agents in Maps and Plans

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Theatre and Entertainment

Bolton Theatre and Entertainments Company Ltd (ZZ/481)

Accounts 1908-1910

Star Inn, Theatre and Music Hall, Bolton (ZHE, ZZ/110, 130)

Business accounts, depositions, handbill 1847-1860

Miscellaneous Collection (ZZ/82, 360)

Theatre and circus handbills, Bolton and London 1750-1843

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Timber Merchants

Kay, William of Bolton Ltd (ZZ/462, 645)

Business records, share certificates, transfers 1874-1978

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Wine and Spirit Merchants

Munro, George of Bolton (ZZ/1)

Executors’ minutes 1895-1930

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