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Index lists for the following newspaper related records, ‘Main’ titles are given in bold type:

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Local Newspapers

Our extensive holdings of local newspapers are available on microfilm. Microfilm Readers may be booked in advance.

This list also includes material available at the British Library, 18 Colindale Avenue, London NW9 5HE and at Farnworth, Horwich and Westhoughton Community Libraries (entries in italics).

  • Bolton Catholic Herald: Weekly 1908-1909
  • Bolton Catholic Herald: Weekly, British Library 1908-1934
  • Bolton Chronicle: Weekly 1825-1917
  • Bolton Chronicle (Metro News): Weekly 1979-1996
  • Bolton Daily Chronicle: Daily 1873-1885
  • Bolton Daily Chronicle : Daily, British Library 1885-1907
  • Bolton Evening Echo: Daily 1894
  • Bolton Evening Guardian: Daily 1873-1893
  • Bolton Evening News: Daily 1867-date
  • Bolton Examiner: Weekly 1858-1861
  • Bolton Express: Weekly 1823-1826
  • Bolton Express and County Effective Advertiser: Weekly 1888-1896
  • Bolton Free Press: Weekly 1835-1847
  • Bolton Guardian (formerly Bolton Independent): Weekly 1859-1893
  • Bolton Journal (later Journal and Guardian): Weekly 1871-1976
  • Bolton Journal: Weekly 1985-date
  • Bolton Mercury: Weekly 1853-1854
  • Bolton Metro News: see Bolton Chronicle
  • Bolton Monthly Advertiser (Mackies): Monthly 1849-1859,1868-1876,1878-1892
  • Bolton Spectator: Weekly 1857-1858
  • Bolton Standard: Weekly, British Library 1923-1961
  • Bolton Star: Weekly 1891-1892
  • Buff: see Football Field
  • Farnworth Chronicle: Weekly, Farnworth Library 1906-1917
  • Farnworth Express: Weekly, Farnworth Library 1890-1891
  • Farnworth Journal: Weekly, Farnworth Library 1873-1975
  • Farnworth Observer: Weekly, Farnworth Library 1868-1873
  • Football Field (later Cricket and Football Field and The Buff): Weekly 1884-1988
  • Horwich Chronicle: Weekly, Horwich Library 1888-1916
  • Horwich and Westhoughton Journal: Weekly, Horwich Library 1927-1980
  • Horwich and Westhoughton Journal: Weekly, Westhoughton Library 1927-1980
  • Manchester Courier: Weekly 1825-1826
  • Manchester Mercury: Weekly 1752-1830
  • North West Times: Weekly 1988
  • Teddy Ashton’s Journal and Northern Weekly: Weekly 1896-1908
  • Westhoughton Echo: Weekly, Westhoughton Library 1890-1891
  • Westhoughton & Hindley Times: Weekly, Westhoughton Library 1894
  • Westhoughton Recorder: Weekly, Westhoughton Library1895-1903

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Newspaper Indexes

Detailed indexes are available for some of the local newspapers listed above. These are available on the open access shelves in the Archive and Local Studies Search Room.

  • Bolton Express 1823-1826
  • Bolton Chronicle 1825-1835, 1846-1871
  • Bolton Free Press 1835-1847.
  • Bolton Journal 1871-1934

In addition we also hold copies of indexes to:

  • Farnworth Observer and Farnworth Journal 1867-1962
  • Horwich and Westhoughton Journal 1871-1959
  • Farnworth Journal (Service Personnel) World War I 1914-1919

These newspapers are available at the respective Community Libraries (see the list at the top of the page - Community Libraries are in italics).
Some indexes have been compiled by the newspaper publishers themselves; these are not as detailed as our own indexes listed above, but copies are available in the Search Room:

  • Bolton Evening News 1867-1962
  • Bolton Journall 1871-1959

Also available are detailed indexes of servicemen and women whose names appeared in the Bolton Journal during the first and second World Wars. These refer to persons killed, missing or wounded and to those awarded honours and medals

  • World War I 1914-1919
  • World War II 1939-1946

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Newspaper Cuttings

The Newspaper Cuttings Collection is very extensive. It consists of three main sequences which contain subject, topographical and biographical information. The biographical cuttings index also contains references to obituaries in local newspapers.

First or ‘Old’ Sequence

  • Places and Subjects 1931-1966
  • Biographical 1875-1976
  • Borough Engineer’s Cuttings 1927-1989
  • Libraries 1905-1985
  • Planning Collection 1926-1989
  • Whitehead Collection 1948-1978

Second or ‘New’ Sequence

  • Places and Subjects 1966-1998
  • Biographical 1976-1998
  • Libraries 1985-1998

Third Sequence

  • Places and Subjects 1999-2004
  • Biographical 1999-2004
  • Libraries 1999-2004


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