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Associations, unions and societies

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Agricultural Societies

Royal Lancashire Agricultural Society (ABZ)

Minutes and correspondence relating to shows held in Bolton 1927-1950

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Building Societies

Bolton St Paul’s Terminable Building Society (FBB)

Rules, legal papers 1871-1978

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Charitable, Welfare and Employment Organisations

Bolton Anglo-Russian Civic Committee (ABZ)

Reports, balance sheets 1942-1947

Bolton Club for the Hard of Hearing (ABZ)

Reports and balance sheets 1952-1966

Bolton Ex-Servicemen’s Liaison Committee (ABZ)   

Reports and balance sheets 1948-1950

Bolton, Leigh and District Deaf and Dumb Society (ABZ)

Reports and balance sheets 1948-1968

Bolton Local Employment Committee (ABZ)

Correspondence  1917-1972

Bolton Mother and Child Welfare Association (FW)

Minutes 1908-1953

Bolton Parish Church Sunday School Sick Society (FS)

Minutes, rules, annual reports, accounts, subscriptions 1816-1953

Bolton Services Welfare Joint Committee (ABZ)

Reports and balance sheets 1947-1957

Bolton Society for Mentally Handicapped Children (ABZ)

Reports and balance sheets 1965-1969

Bolton Unemployed Welfare Association (FZ/36)

Minutes 1934-1956

Bolton War Charities (ABZ)

Register, correspondence, miscellanea 1940-1969

Bolton War Comforts Welfare Council (ABZ)

Reports and balance sheets 1940-1946

British Limbless Ex-Services Council, (BLESMA), Bolton Branch (ABZ)

Reports and balance sheets 1945-1967

Gosnell’s Charity (FCH)

Bolton Parish Church Lectureship, Bolton Grammar School, Great Bolton,

Darcy Lever and Little Lever Poor Relief

Minutes and accounts 1930-1968

Great Lever (SS Simon and Jude) German Relief Fund (FS)

Correspondence  1947-1948

Harwood Temperance Sick and Burial Society (FS)

Minutes, rules, accounts, subscriptions 1836-1948

Hulton Colliery (Pretoria Pit) Disaster Relief Fund (ABHC)

Minutes, correspondence, case files, registers, accounts 1910-1975

Kearsley District Nursing Association (FS)

Minutes 1928-1947

Kearsley Old Peoples’ Welfare Committee

Financial records 1956-1983

Little Lever General Strike Distress Committee (ZZ/127)

Balance sheets, benefit register, circulars 1926-1927

National Fire Service (North West Region) Benevolent Fund (ABZ)

Reports and balance sheets 1942-1963

National Spastics’ Society, Bolton and District Group (ABZ)

Reports, balance sheets, articles of association 1953-1968

Nightingale Fund, Bolton Area (FZ)

Subscription book 1856

Popplewell Great and Little Bolton Clothing Charity (FCH)

Minutes, registers, financial records 1830-1982

Popplewell Scholarship (Marsden’s School) Charity, Bolton (FCH)

Minutes, financial records 1928-1972

Turton: Humphrey Chetham’s Charity (ZZ/585)

Draft management scheme 1890

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Co-operative Societies

Bolton and District Co-operative Society Education Committee (FCO)

Minutes and miscellanea 1913-1976

Bolton and District Co-operative Society Managers’ and Buyers’ Guild (FCO)

Minutes 1908-1951

Bolton and District Co-operative Society Women’s Guild (FCO)

Minutes and financial records  1889-1970

Eagley Co-operative Society (FCO)

Membership register 1859-1913

Farnworth and Kearsley Co-operative Society Ltd (FCO)

Minutes, financial records 1873-1970

Horwich Industrial Co-operative Society (FCO)

Minutes 1863-1867

Westhoughton and District Co-operative Society Ltd (FCO)

Reports, balance sheets, returns, statistics 1907-1918

Westhoughton United Industrial Society Ltd (FCO)

Reports, balance sheets, returns, statistics 1871-1915

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Employers’ Associations

Bolton and District Cotton Manufacturers’ Association (FET)

Minutes, accounts, letter books, levy books, price lists, wage agreements 1894-1971

Bolton Master Cotton Spinners’ Association (FET)

Minutes, financial records, correspondence, levy books, annual reports, mule spinning surveys and calculations, trade dispute files, wage censuses and agreements, cuttings 1836-1966

Bolton and District Textile Employers’ Association (FET)

Minutes, financial records, levy books, correspondence, annual reports, agreements 1966-1998

Darwen Cotton Manufacturers’ Association (FET)

Minutes, accounts, levy books, membership lists, letter books 1897-1973

British Spinners’ and Doublers’ Association (FET)

Annual reports 1961-1969

Cotton Spinners’ and Manufacturers’ Association (FET)

Minutes, annual reports, correspondence, price lists, year books, agreements 1901-1959

Federation of Master Cotton Spinners’ Associations (FET)

Annual reports, year books, price lists, agreements 1905-1960

United Kingdom Textile Manufacturers’ Association (FET)

Annual reports 1961-1966

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St George’s Lodge No. 1723, Bolton (FM)

Minutes, subscription registers 1877-1946

St John’s Lodge, Nos 221 and 268, Bolton (FM)

Minutes, financial records, rules, Tylers’ books 1771-1980

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Literary Societies and Book Clubs

Bolton Caledonian and Union Book Club and Ship Inn Social Society (FZ)

Minutes, accounts and subscriptions  1802-1823

Bolton Hesperus Literary and Christian Association (FZ)

Minutes, annual reports 1853-1884

Bolton Whitman Fellowship

See Page 78 below

Horwich and District Literary Society (FZ)

Minutes and financial records 1938-1948

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Military Associations

East Lancashire Territorial Force Association (ABZ)

Correspondence and miscellanea 1910-1958

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Musical, Dramatic and Operatic Societies

Ainsworth Choral Society (FZ)

Minutes  1860-1872

Astley Bridge St Paul’s Amateur Operatic Society (FZ)

Programmes, photographs, cuttings 1924-1990

Bolton Choral Union (FZ)

Attendance registers and programmes 1919-1975

Bolton Dramatic Society (FZ & ZZ/237)

Minutes, rules, cuttings book  1911-1953

Bolton Musical Artists’ Association (FZ)

Minutes, programmes, correspondence, cuttings 1895-1975

Bolton Operatic Society (FZ)

Programmes, photographs and miscellanea 1895-1990

Harmonie 84 Wind Orchestra (FZ)

Programmes and financial records 1984-1991

Walmsley Church Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society (FZ 70)

Minutes, programmes and photographs C20th

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Ancient Noble Order of United Oddfellows (Bolton Unity) (FO)

Grand Lodge records 1831-1959

Loyal Ridgmont Lodge, Horwich (FO)

Minutes, financial records 1891-1906

Oliver Cromwell Lodge, Bolton (ZZ/453)

Accounts  1894-1911

Royal Albert Lodge, Bolton (ZZ/453)

Accounts  1873-1887

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Political and Local Government Organisations

Bolton and Westhoughton Conservative Association (FDC)

Minutes and financial records 1912-1986

Bolton and Westhoughton Junior Unionist Association (FDC)

Minutes 1909-1929

Bolton (Bradford Ward) Conservative Club (FDC)

Minutes 1883-1925

Bolton (East Ward) Conservative Club Ltd (FDC)

Minutes, financial records, membership registers, share records 1900-1962

Bolton Civic Week Exhibition Committee (FZ)

Minutes 1929

Bolton Socialist Party and Socialist Club (FDS)

Minutes and letter book 1896-1995

Bolton Women Citizens’ Association (FW)

Minutes, annual reports, financial records 1919-1951

Bolton Women’s Conservative Association (FDC)

Minutes, Accounts, Membership Records 1920-1961

Bolton Women’s Local Government Association (FW)

Minutes 1897-1917

Bolton Women’s Suffrage Association (FW)

Minutes, annual reports 1908-1920

Farnworth and Worsley Constituency Labour Party (FDL)

Minutes, financial records, correspondence, publications 1910-1981

Fenians in Bolton (ZZ/580)

Police report, letters 1866

Horwich Federalist Group (FZ)

Minutes 1937-1940

Little Bolton Cobden Club (FZ)

Minutes 1865-1866

Little Lever Civic Insignia Fund (FZ)

Minutes, correspondence 1948-1949

Little Lever Reform Club (ZZ/127)

Minutes, correspondence, financial records 1902-1936

Little Lever War Time Information Committee  (ZZ/448)

Correspondence, circulars  1940-1945

Tonge and Breightmet Conservative and Unionist Club Ltd (FZ)

Accounts, memorandum and articles of association 1892-1971

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Prosecution and Police Societies

Great Bolton Special Constables’ Society (FZ)

Minutes, Watch and Ward occurrence books, duty rolls, financial records 1808-1839

Little Hulton Society for the Prosecution of Felons (FP)

Rules 1811

Turton Society for the Prosecution of Felons (FP)

Agreements, handbills, financial records  1789-1856

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Religious Organisations and Sunday Schools

Bolton Catholic Boys’ Clb (FZ)

Minutes, accounts, membership records, cuttings, photographs 1946-1974

Bolton Council of Churches (FZ)

Minutes 1979-1988

Bolton Evangelical Revival Committee (FZ)

House to house visitation records 1860

Bolton Free Church Council and Ministers’ Fraternal (FZ)

Minutes and membership register 1902-1971

Eagley Sunday School (FS)

Minutes, correspondence, financial records, photographs, miscellanea 1787-1974

Holland’s School, Farnworth and Kearsley (FS)

Minutes, correspondence, rule books, financial records, miscellanea 1807-1990#

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Scientific and Industrial Organisations

Bolton Botanical Society (FZ)

Minutes 1895-1914

Bolton Field Naturalists’ Society (FZ)

Minutes, correspondence, cuttings, programmes, reports 1907-1957

Bolton Microscopical Society (FZ)

Minutes, financial records 1877-1956

Great Exhibition, Bolton Local Committee (FZ)

Minutes, circulars, subscriptions, accounts 1850-1852

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Sporting, Recreational and Leisure Organisations

Bolton Assemblies (FZ)

Minutes, correspondence  1946-1974

Bolton and District Amateur Football Combination (FZ)

Minutes, financial records, miscellanea 1926-1985

Bolton and District Clarion Cycling Club (ZZ/542)

Photographs, cuttings 1894-1952

Bolton Barracuda Swimming Club (FZ)

Minutes, correspondence 1970-1986

Bolton Boys’ Federation (Association Football) (FZ)

Minutes 1947-1989

Bolton Cricket Club (FZ)

Minutes, correspondence, cuttings, score books, register of results and statistics 1875-1984

Bolton Municipal Officers’ Rifle Club (FZ)

Minutes, rules, financial records 1909-1916

Bolton Playing Fields Association (FZ)

Minutes 1927-1938

Bolton Referees’ Society (Association Football) (FZ)

Minutes, correspondence, financial records, rules, membership records,  journals, miscellanea 1939-1990

Bolton Rugby Club (ZZ/243)

Minutes 1904-1909

Bolton School Old Girls’ Association (FZ)

Minutes 1926-1977

Bolton Sports Federation Football League (FZ)

Minutes, rules, fixture lists, membership records 1950-1993

Bolton Swimming Club (FZ)

Minutes 1896-1969

Bolton United Harriers and Athletic Club (FZ)

Booklets, financial records 1924-1961

Bolton Wanderers Football Club (ZZ/367, 505-507, 525-526)

Photographs, cuttings, programmes 1874-1978

Old Links Golf Club, Heaton (ZZ/391)

Memorandum and articles of association 1921

Ramblers’ Association (Bolton Branch) (FZ)

Accounts 1969-1997

Society of Yorkshiremen in Bolton (FZ)

Minutes, correspondence, accounts, membership records 1947-1987

Tonge Fold Townswomen’s Guild (FW)

Minutes 1961-1972

Walkden, Farnworth and District Sunday School Darts League

Minutes 1948-1977

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Trade Unions and Professional Associations (FT)

Amalgamated Association of Operative Cotton Spinners, Minders and Twisters

Annual reports 1879-1925

Amalgamated Engineering Union

Monthly journals, financial reports, conference proceedings, annual reports 1918-1985

Bolton and District Card and Ring Room Operatives’ Association

Minutes, financial Records, reports 1887-1971

Bolton and District Managers’ Carders’ and Overlookers’ Association

Correspondence, financial records 1887-1971

Bolton and District Optical Association (FZ/45)

Minutes 1929-1963

Bolton and District Powerloom Overlookers’ Association

Minutes 1893-1950

Bolton and District Retired Teachers’ Association (FZ/47)

Minutes, correspondence, financial records 1952-1996

Bolton and District Textile Officials’ Association

Correspondence, year books 1948-1964

Bolton and District Weavers’ and Winders’ Association

Minutes, financial records, complaint books, reports, rules 1875-1965

Bolton Municipal Officers’ Association

Minutes, annual reports 1905-1911

Bolton National and Local Government Officers’ Association (NALGO)

Annual reports, rules, newsletters 1924-1965

Bolton National Amalgamated Furnishing Trades Association

Minutes 1907-1948

Bolton Operative Bleachers’ Dyers’ and Finishers’ Association

Minutes, reports, correspondence, accounts 1868-1972

Bolton Operative Cotton Spinners’ Provincial Association

Annual reports, agreements, wage returns, rule books, Manchester Cotton Spinners’ Cancer Committee records 1879-1972

Bolton Transport and General Workers Union (Building Trades Group)

Minutes, correspondence, accounts, handbooks 1933-1965

Bolton Typographical Society (National Graphical Association)

Minutes and financial records 1891-1970

Bolton United Patternmakers’ Association

Minutes, financial records 1875-1957

Farnworth, Kearsley and Little Hulton Colliery Engine Winders

Minutes, financial records, membership register 1865-1952

Farnworth Operative House and Ship Painters and Decorators

Minutes, accounts, unemployment records 1891-1962

Farnworth and Worsley Teachers’ Association

Minutes 1965-1973

Horwich Union of Construction, Allied Trades and Technicians (UCATT)

Minutes, accounts, correspondence, membership records 1906-1977

Lancashire and Cheshire Colliery Tradesmen and Kindred Workers

Minutes, correspondence, rule books 1920-1978

Lancashire and Cheshire Miners’ Federation

Minutes 1920-1969

United Textile Factory Workers’ Association

Conference proceedings 1886-1975

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